GlatopaCare provides free individualized support to MS patients, families, and caregivers

GlatopaCare multiple sclerosis support services

Real people who really understand

The GlatopaCare team understands how relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis can affect you and your loved ones, and we’re here to help. GlatopaCare is a network of support services available free of charge to people who are prescribed Glatopa, as well as their families and caregivers.

Here when you need us

GlatopaCare offers free, ongoing individualized support services for Glatopa patients, including 24/7 nurse support. Your GlatopaCare Specialist can help you with any questions regarding insurance coverage and co-pay eligibility.* He or she can also connect you with a Nurse Trainer to assist with injection training.


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Enroll in GlatopaCare today through 1 of 3 easy ways:

1. Click here to enroll online OR

2. Call 1.855.GLATOPA (1.855.452.8672) OR

3. Text "START" to 23519

*Glatopa Co-Pay Program Eligibility

The Glatopa Co-Pay Program provides up to $9000 in annual co-pay support for Glatopa prescriptions. This program is not health insurance. This program is for insured patients only; uninsured cash-paying patients are not eligible. Patients are not eligible if prescriptions are paid, in whole or in part, by any state or federally funded programs, including but not limited to Medicare (including Part D, even in the coverage gap) or Medicaid, Medigap, VA, DOD, or TriCare, or private indemnity, or HMO insurance plans that reimburse you for the entire cost of your prescription drugs, or where prohibited by law. Card may not be combined with any other rebate, coupon, or offer. Card has no cash value. Sandoz reserves the right to rescind, revoke, or amend this offer without further notice.