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To help start your treatment with Glatopa® (glatiramer acetate injection) we've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and the answers to each.

Since Glatopa is a generic, is it substitutable for Copaxone® (glatiramer acetate injection) 20 mg/mL?

Glatopa 20 mg/mL has been approved by the FDA as substitutable and therapeutically equivalent to Copaxone® 20 mg/mL, which means it can be expected to have the same clinical efficacy and safety profile.

Will the support and services for Glatopa be equivalent to what I was receiving with Copaxone® 20 mg/mL?

GlatopaCare® provides the services and support you may be accustomed to such as injection training with a GlatopaCare Nurse Trainer and your own dedicated GlatopaCare Representative whom you can call to answer any questions related to Glatopa you may have at 1.855.GLATOPA. You will also receive a Glatopa Starter Kit that contains the items you need to help with your transition to Glatopa.

What should I do if my benefits or insurance ever change?

To avoid gaps in treatment, let your GlatopaCare® Representative know if your insurance is changing or has changed.

Will I be provided with an injection device, and will that device be similar to the one I currently use to inject Copaxone® 20 mg/mL?

Yes, the Glatopaject® injection device is available in the patient Starter Kit. Glatopaject is intended for use with the Glatopa prefilled syringe. Glatopaject is designed to work like the other injection devices on the market, so using Glatopaject should be familiar and not a significant change from your current device. Please see the Glatopaject Instructions For Use.

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If you need an answer to a question that's not on this list, please don't hesitate to call your GlatopaCare® Representative at 1.855.GLATOPA.

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